EXHIBITION:     Exodus

Event:                    Ballet Profesional Andalucia



Nuria Estébanez

Praise of Calm

First work directed, choreographed and performed alone. "Praise of Calm" arises as a result of a personal reflection on how to travel life. It is a search for an internal state, which passes through different phases before reaching it, it is something difficult to achieve and almost  impossible to maintain. Only contemporary dance whose company will be the music composed and performed by Alejandro Lévar.

Ballet Profesional de Andalucia

The Awakening

Over the years and time, the young man wakes from come in a dark, modest and poor room of a hospital. He turns his face on both sides of the room. Amazed and excited, he sees his wife, his first and only love, on his left, crying copiously.

When the young woman saw her awakening, she was bewildered, moved and overwhelmed, not knowing what to do. The young man rose from the be to comfort her, approached eager to remember old moments and she, in an eagerness to please her, welcomes him but with the thought of another place.

The woman was confused, doubtful, insecure...since, after 10 years in a comma, she had to rebuild her life, thus being loved by another person.

This is a story of a woman in love and anguish. Since, two men were around his head.

The choice to get carried away by the current or navigate against the current.




Artist:             Fred Friedrich

Name:            EXODUS ( Genesis Tag 1, Tag 2, Tag 3,

                       Tag 4, Tag 5, Tag 6)

Artwork:        Mix Technique on canvas 

Measure:       200x300 cm

Year:              2017

W.V.               2017/04/10/11/12/13/14/15