Mana & Kopflos

EXHIBITION:     Mana & Kopflos

Spanning second floor, the Permanent Exhibition presents a narrative concept what the avant-garde artist Friedrich has created during his long and stablished career.

After a lengthily researched Friedrich had located and worked in MANA, dripping and pouring art all at the same time, an amazing artwork thought of the results in its compositions, lines, dynamic and harmon.

KOPF-LOS is understood behind the dramatic atmosphere where they were made. The Installation confront a ritual which the blue color of each base of the sculptures, pretend the whole sacrifices, victims made across the conquers and their religions.

The richness and variety of the collection consolidate it as one of the most important in the country. For more than 30 years, Museo Fred Friedrich has managed to collect the invaluable artworks by Fred Friedrich that were granted in custody to the Fred Friedrich Foundation, thus ensuring the creation and permanence of the Museo.




Artist:             Fred Friedrich

Name:            Mana

Technique:    Mix Technique on canvas 

Measure:       162x162 cm

Year:              2015

W.V.               2015/03/19/20/21/22/23/24

Artist:           Fred Friedrich

Name:         Kopf-los

Technique: Bronze

Year:            2010/2011 

W.V.             2010/12/02/11/26/19/02 

Installation: KOPFLOS

Sculptures and paintings introduces us in a sacrifice, ritual atmosphere, where heads of gods and the waves of the paintings move our souls into a deeper world, one more inside that the one here existing.