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Digitale Diktatur



Domino in Regione vivorum


Vulgata- Übersetzung des Hieronymus,

In Luthers Übersetzung aus den hebräischen


As our devices like to remind us, we spend a huge portion of our life in digital worlds.

The interface we use to access them- from Zoom to FaceTime, WhatsApp to Discord, Roblox to Fortnite- are visual and tactile manifestations of code that both connect and separate us, and shape the way we behave and perceive others.

Yet like other ubiquitous interface are seldom recognised as design. This exhibition brings together notable examples of interaction design a field that considers the communication between people and objects- whether machines, apps, or entire infrastructure.

#Digitaldictatorship opens now on OVR. 

The exhibition draws works from Museo Fred Friedrich´s collection ranging from the iconic and universal- #fredfriedrich- artworks QR Matrix collection, algorithms which he has uses as an artistic element. 

Siete Hijas de Eva

"Ars longa, vita brevis."

There is something in bringing order of chaos, light out of darkness, in giving each planet its place in the solar system, im giving limits to the oceans and the lands, something totally inconsistent with a light surgical operations to find the material with create the mother of species. It is on this allegory that all the enemies of women rest their battering rams to prove their inferiority [...]

200 Years vs. 10 Years

We Welcome Hijos del Sol, Two Hundred Anniversary of the consumption of the Mexican War of Independence which was an armed conflict and political process resulting in Mexico's independence from Spain. For that reason Museo Fred Friedrich open their doors to d´oeuvres Hijos del Sol. Also we celebrated the 10 Th. Anniversary of this Collection, is to say Creation, Exhibition, and returning to its Origins in 2012 here at Marbella. Maya Culture Prophecy End of Time in 2012, making a stop in our walk, we reconsidered that was 2021, probably the numbers we misunderstood by Human-being, therefore Hijos del sol vs. 200 Years vs. 10 Years, make a retrospective view of Historical Events in Museo Fred Friedrich.

Prehispanic Culture

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