Museo Fred Friedrich

Grosser Saal

The Grosse Halle, is the main hall of El Museo, which is exhibit the last and the newest, Fred Friedrich artworks.

It is divided into Pavilliones, where the distribution of artworks support the main theme of the Temporal Exhibition.

Here we can see his three most biggest sculptures.

Macht & Gewalt and Saul.

Macht, wood and mix-media sculpture, 2.85 mt

Gewalt, wood and mix -media sculpture, 2.75 mt.

Saul, mix - media sculpture, 5.00mt.

Exhibited in each Pavillion, original graphics, of his newest artwork: Der Götterdämmerung 


The Halle, is located in the first floor of El Museo. 

This is a unique Halle, where Mana Cycle is permanently exhibited.

Mana Cycle, consist in six, 1.00 x 1.50 mt. mix-media artworks unicarta. 

The whole atmosphere is supported by 17 bronce sculptures, melted by Herman Noack Berlin, Firma, which where sculpted by Fred Friedrich in 2008, to the named Cycle Hijos del Sol.

In the middle it is wooden sculpture also unicarta name Ikaros.

To ended this tour around the Saal, we have two 3.00 x 1.00 mt. artworks from Cycle Bokoharam.

Pyramiden Saal

The Pyramiden Saa, is located at the first floor, of El Museo. We are welcome in this area to Fred Friedrich artwork, so closed thought three colorfoul and magic pyramids are hanging on the walls; electricity involved the air, moving them slowly and peacefully.

Fred Friedrich two magnificent bronce sculptures, melted at Hermann Nock Berlin Firma; exhibited permanently and with a solid image of his work.

Just in front of us, also 6 legend laid down, inviting us for a meditation tour around this Saal.

Opposite of them, Fred Friedrich self-portrait keeps an eye on.


The Show-room of El Museo, is an open invitation to a unique and magnificence Avant-garde art world, full with magic, adventures and surprising artworks from Fred Friedrich intime life.

Here is exhibited temporary artwork.

Konferenzen Saal

We now offer a new service to visitors, ASK ME ABOUT THE ART involves several of the international interns of the museum, who can be recognized  in the halls by an identifying QR. They are available to the public, to explain and to engage interest in the permanent collection. 

ASK ME ABOUT THE ART gives greater visibility to the museum´s talented technology thanks to Fred Friedrich´s creativity. Furthermore, it facilities more visitor interactions in the museum setting. Last but not least, will broaden this QR, the history and life of Fred Friedrich and to engage them ever more in the Collection´s educations mission.

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