Need-To-Inform. Messier 87

April 10, 2019 through the so-called Event Horizon Telescope (EHT), belongs a network group of 8 telescopes, thanks to an algorithm generated by a team from the Laboratory of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Katie Bouman at that time was 23 years old when she collaborated in the development of the algorithm which made it possible to convert the collected data into a coherent image.

Finally Bouman designed most of this algorithm, called Continuous High-resolution Image Reconstruction using Patch prior, CHIRP, for short, and she and her team tested its efficiency before using it.

Finally, the first image of a Black Hole was published from this erudition.

The allusive ambition of the Black Hole evidences the great advances in hidden spaces, to take a look at the imminent darkness of the Universe packed with clusters, asteroids, planets, systems, galaxies.

Humanity bets on the infinite creating gods and goddesses linking one radiant light with another, which myths of the same creations growing in the collective imagination; thus engendering dependence contrary to liberation from the chains.

Messier? Yes, he started with M1, he discovered M3, his eagerness like a Ferret Kite through him 103.

The masterpiece presents indisputably iconic qualities that are symbolically determined by the artist. The set refers to a constant and rotating dynamic which can be read from left to right or from right to left.

The positioned elements are subject to an unadjusted reading, that is, free, disengaged to be interpreted equally.

But, it is worth mentioning, instead, that the glance requires that it be from the outside in, already placed in the center of it, Messier 87 converges, of the hagiography.

Fred Friedrich presents Wagner first hand, but second hand Nietzsche and Goethe engaged in the Twilight of the Gods dialogue.

The superman has the ability and courage for creativity.

Is this the end or the beginning of the story, countdown or continuous? Looking carefully at the art work requires symmetry of about 480 x 200 cm to an interstellar journey where gravity is not certain.

The figuration is represented by ideograms translating the past, staging the present and presuming a future.

Nietzsche is the creative principle of the beyond.

I will tell you what the superman is. It is the meaning of the earth. I conjure you, my brothers, to remain faithful to the meaning of the earth and do not lend faith to those who speak to you of otherworldly hopes! They are poison distillers.

They are despisers of life; they carry within them the germ of death and are poisoned. The Earth is tired of them; So die at once! ”.

Thus spoke Zarathustra

An altar is a structure consecrated to religious worship, on which offerings or sacrifices are made. Quote: Hebrews 7, 27: It is not like the other high priests, who have to kill animals and offer them every day in sacrifice, first for their own sins and then for the sinners of the people. The main altar allows to celebrate rites of peace, harmony and sanctification. These rites have been represented in various ways, one of them with triptychs, Fred Friedrich with his Götterdämmerung, reviews historical events in three parts, posing in the art work symbols with absolute, mythological and historical icons.

Kinder Israels: (right and left): The biblical human figures of the Israelites served as the Children of Israel.

Balmung: The sword in Wagner's Ring of the Nibelungs, is used to defend anyone who violates faith and belief, whoever possesses this sword will possess power.

Fisch (I-CH-Th-Y-S): It is a symbol in two arcs that intersect in a way that looks like the outline of a fish. It was used by the first Christians as a secret identification symbol. The acronym Χριστὸς Θεοῦ Υἱὸς Σωτήρ means "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior." The fish is a symbol of deep truth, it hides itself, to later be swallowed.

Hadeskappe: Friedrich apparently places the Helmet of Hades on the face of a Church founded with an intention to make his hidden purposes invisible. Linking the three figures: Peter the fisherman, the Helmet of Hades, and the Children of Israel.

Hades: It refers to the Underworld, as quoted in the Hebrew New Testament שאול: grave, here lie the hurting souls, the remains of a long and lasting war, dark with dungeons full of torment, suffering and pain. Power struggle towards the infants, towards the weak.

Kerberos: The dog of Hades, a three-headed monster, guarded the door of the Kingdom of Hades, where the dead could not leave and the living could not enter.

Messier 87: It is the unfathomable and untouchable dark space according to Fred Friedrich, it is all accumulated energy which does not take sides for any specific group, since in God eyes, we are all equal, here there is neither good nor bad. It is our insurmountable brain.

Himmels Schlüssel: Jesus gave them to Saint Peter, as a sign of his supremacy over his other disciples. But now he does not own them. Who then? They are in the hands of Hades.

Moloch: Leviticus 18, 21: Do not hand over any of your children as an oblation to the god Moloch. Do not offend the name of your God like that. I am the Lord.

Columbidae (Taube): Fred Friedrich ends this moral review, with the dove as a sign of peace and freedom and purity. The dove of peace by Fred Friedrich.

GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG as a sacred image, is now connected with the myths of antiquity, religions and there symbolism.

A tribute to faith, religions, myths, legends and rites.