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Discover new works.

As we enter in the final months of this strange, strange year, ambitious art-lovers might be wondering about those artists and spaces they lost track of since the pandemic began, But as a silver lining, many artists and spaces , ambitious spirits have used the solitude of the past months to create thought-provoking new works and ideas.

here are Highlights of them that were looking at this fall.

Gareth Edwards and his poetic work.

Edward´s new landscape paintings were made entirely during the lockdown in his studio in the Sy Ives. Cornwall, inspired by poetry (particularly that of Ted Hughes), the paintings are meant to invite his viewers into contemplative and fictive spaces that the artist hopes will evoke half-remembered places and terras.

Captures the Nuances of Latin Life.

The photography collective South, Southwest has been on an ambitious mission to create a new canon of Latin American photography. The group, which formed several years ago under the patronage of camera company Leica, brings together photographers from Brazil, to Spain.

Though professional work of these photographers ranges from documentary and reportage to editorial, the collectives output, has a more singular intent: to capture a poetic and expressly artistic vision of Latin America identity. Searching for identities was the purpose that this group follow and attract to all and each work.

Exit 2020. New Artwork we also Discovered in tough Era.

Artist: Fred Friedrich

Name: Sleeper

Collection: QR Matrix

Technique: Mix media print/ QR Code