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Need To Inform. Sturm und Drang 2019

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Sturm und Drang

Nely Friedrich

February 16 Th. 2019

What about this sympathy between reason and feeling.

It is about others history, the ones who were there.

We believe in those history even thought we know now them exactly, they exist or not.

Suddenly horrors of the past comes as wonders off the present.

Once upon a time around 5:00 p.m March 26 1827 in Wien a hard wind stroke, later will be transformed into a devil-may-care storm. In the gloom of his bedchamber, a man consume by agony stays in his last minute to breath out. Suddenly a hard flash lighting shine on an illuminated darkness. Even thought he could not hear the thunder, he waked up unsettled, he looked to infinity, raised his right hand up in air above his head with the strong fist, in a threaten and imploring last posture, finally he fall down and died. A small pyramid clock a gift from Duchess Christiane Lichnowsky, suddenly for an instant stopped. Ludwig van Beethoven, one of the most grandiose composer off all time, has said fair well to this world, with a flourish distinctive way from him, leaving behind him a great stock, throbbing with loneliness, illness, poverty and a great artwork which for sure, deserves the name of masterly.

Speak me about your dreams, about your doubts and about your challenges.

Morality, modesty, virginity. Surrounded with deafness exploring the language of bodies.

Crime, bastard, violence, insanity, war are special features in chaos.

God, human, credo and nothing. Artist which believe in Human being, fraternity, freedom but also fervid and tragic.

Six nights and one day more, was created the world and Jesus?

Illness is what we have at the end of our walk. You are be your own in this uncertain Universe.

Youthfulness and sex, it is an equation where Mephisto is in the middle. Platonic love deep in dark tunnel appears, why Platon is there? Why the misrepresentation in feelings today and tomorrow? Why this double-dealing? Why a mascara? Which Phantom of the Night we played each day?

Never means, finally you shout, nobody hear, all are deafness.

Ego is the winner.

This body, this body, we pump it up…continuous…continuous…which reason for that.

Finally a thunderstorm moisten our shroud, in a Resurrection moment.

Tell me your history, Jesus, it could be different from my history.

It is only a question of time. Virginity, abortion, hunger, melancholia.

A foetus in its origins is linked with their mother.

Only this anomaly is True Love.

Nely Meyer

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