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Art is not  passive and is a ritual process which the artist involved their self in the Creation itself.

Our evolving collection contains almost 100,000 works of modern and contemporary art. More than 10000 works are currently available online.

"As a general rule, When Something becomes Useful, it Ceases to be Beautiful"

Théophulie Gautier, 1811-1872

The artist today is offered a catalogue of styles and invited to choose. He knows, however, that the latest edition of the style book is already out of date. Everything that has been done in art opens another door, but the door faces a blank wall. To the artist once someone else had made a move there is no use repeating it. In effect, therefore, each invention plugs up another avenue of advance. Thus, having cancelled or submerged traditional modes of art, the new has reached the point of cancelling itself. all advanced styles are simultaneously legitimised on the ground that they belong to the past.

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Watch a video about why Friedrich´s  philosophy is so ahead
of its time—and learn how the public  caught up

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