SATELITE CULTURAL is recorded at Museo Fred Friedrich, in turn, broadcasted by Marbella Television Station, RTVMarbella, directed by their hostess NelyFriedrich


To draw the attention of the general audience, so they can discover art and culture in an attractive, dynamic and entertaining way.

Several topics will be developed, in an actual and contemporary image within Nely Friedrich uses with alternatives tools, ideas, and interviews with personalities from the world of art and culture. Also their mounted during the program images of several artworks, video-clips and of course a very creative montage that will always surprise us from the beginning to end, just through 30 minutes on air.


SATELITE CULTURAL®, the focus is to overwhelm an attractive and extremely captivating audience, pointed of convergence in all genders, ages, and cultures, thought art and cultivation are allowed to all.


The mass media, currently have a high degree of influence in our society, therefore, SATELITE CULTURAL®, uses images, audios and an engaging atmosphere with the purpose to erase a visual environment for who is watching and listening each one of the Recorded Programs.


Its name refers to the high measure of versatility, in both theses which developculture and art,  in our contemporary era.


SATELITE CULTURAL tries to discover the core of each context, through an open, clear and cultivated conversation with questions such as:

when, how, from, and discovered art and culture during a certain period in history.


The discovery of souls from an artistic and cultural world conveys us to inquiry for the integrity of a new project or the main-roll of an artist, or movement, already spread around the world. But during this recorded session, we tried to look for the main philosophy, trend, and current with wide eyes open.